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Investor Mindset

The Investor's Mindset

The Investor’s Mindset_edited_edited.png

This session delves into the intricacies of fundraising, exploring questions such as the methods used, the adaptability of investment theses, preferred collaboration approaches with entrepreneurs, the types of capital offered, and the deal flow strategies employed by investors.


ESG's Stepchild - Governance

ESG’s Stepchild - Governance_edited.png

Focused on the often overlooked aspect of governance within ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), this session examines the fundamental importance of governance, its evolution over time, its actual impact, and the time commitment required. The discussions aim to shed light on the significance of governance in sustainable and responsible investing.

Frag Markets

Scaling Across Fragmented Markets

Scaling across fragmented markets_edited

This session addresses the challenges of expanding business operations across fragmented markets. It explores the optimal timing for scaling, various strategies such as beachhead approaches, partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions, methods for testing scalability, and the criteria for determining the next target market.

Entrep Archetype

Fireside Chat - The Evolving Entrepreneur Archetype

Innovating Investing - The Evolving Entrepreneur Archetype.png

Centered around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, this session discusses the feasibility of small companies prioritizing ESG, addresses the issue of greenwashing, explores whether ESG is a passing trend, and assesses its impact on the landscape of impact investing.

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