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Echo Chamber

Escaping Your Echo Chamber - Ideation Onwards

Escaping Your Echo Chamber - Ideation On

This session explores the early stages of entrepreneurial ideation, addressing key questions such as how to test ideas, the role of desktop research, metrics for idea feasibility, optimal timing for Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and strategies for finding co-founders.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy for the Changing Reality

Growth Strategy for the Changing Reality

Focusing on adapting to a dynamic business environment, this session delves into the challenges of disruption, fundraising timing and implications for founders, valuation fluctuations, and the level of strategic planning needed at the inception of a venture.

Seed Investing

Behind the Curtain of Seed Investing and Valuation

Behind the Curtain of Seed Investing and

This session offers insights into the evolving landscape of seed investing, considerations for startup valuations, leveraging venture capital funding, and the essential elements required to secure the next funding round.


ESG - Who Has the Time?


Centered around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, this session discusses the feasibility of small companies prioritizing ESG, addresses the issue of greenwashing, explores whether ESG is a passing trend, and assesses its impact on the landscape of impact investing.


Fireside Chat - Scaling Across an Emerging Market - Africa

Fireside Chat - Scaling across an emergi

This fireside chat focuses on the challenges faced by a startup operating in an emerging market like Africa. It covers the hurdles encountered, strategies for overcoming challenges, and insights into successfully attracting investor interest in the context of an emerging market.

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